Waterproof Decking San Diego


Project Description

Client:   Private Residence
Location:   Carlsbad, CA
Project: Waterproof Decking San Diego
Systems Used: ALX, Texture-Crete, Water-Based Stain

This private residence in Carlsbad is not only right on the beach with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean but it has an enormous layout complete with balconies, patios, and a pool deck. The customer wanted a fresh look on all the exterior living spaces while Waterproofing Decking San Diego.

Waterproof Decking San Diego

The balcony decks (not shown) were waterproofed with Westcoat’s  ALX system with a knockdown texture finish and Spanish Brown topcoat. The exterior concrete including the pool deck, walkways, and patio were all resurfaced with Westcoat’s Texture-Crete Custom system. The main color scheme on these exterior areas is Everglade (a blend of our Water-based Stains in Ivory and Umber) with a Rocky Nook border and all areas were then sealed with our SC-70 Acrylic Lacquer Sealer. The customer loved the rich and natural finish our crew was able to achieve.

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