Waterproof Deck – a Slam Dunk! 

When a basketball legend needs a waterproof deck, you’ve got to go with the best. San Diego native and former professional basketball player, Bill Walton, welcomed us into his beautiful home and showed us an old deck that needed some attention.  

Customizing a Waterproof Deck  

The tiled deck and structure were in bad shape. When a deck is not properly built it sets the stage for future problems such as cracking tiles, poor sloping, and much needed resurfacing. 

Mike Tice of Bulldog Development General Contractors worked with our very own Project Manager Scott Tischler to formulate a solution for the 400 square foot deck and walkway. Without a doubt, Scott knew that Westcoat’s ALX Custom Finish would be perfect for Bill’s home.  

The Process 

Our crew worked with Bulldog Development to get the deck up to code. After demolishing the tile and bringing the structure to industry standards we installed sheet membrane at full coverage.  

The crew installed WP Wrap along the perimeter to provide additional reinforced waterproofing. The crew applied the slurry and texture coats followed by Water-Based Stain Blend, Tobacco. For added skid resistance, SC-70 Acrylic Lacquer Sealer was applied with a Safe Grip broadcast. 

About this system 

ALX™ Custom Finish is a waterproof deck system that gives plywood the look and feel of slate, flagstone, or tile. Ideal for areas with heavy traffic or in cases where elimination of plywood seams is essential. The ALX™ Custom Finish can be stapled through most old deck systems.

Advantages of ALX Custom 

  • Covers Rough Plywood and Seams
  • Decorative Finishes Available 
  • Tough Final Coat is UV Resistant
  • Skid Resistant Textured Finish  
  • Unmatched Strength and Durability
  • Available Manufacturer’s Warranty   

Interested in a waterproof deck for your upcoming job? 

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