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Balboa Park Hidden Gem – Epoxy Coatings San Diego

Client: Balboa Park
Location:  San Diego, CA
Project: Wimmer Pool and Bridge – Epoxy Coatings San Diego
Systems Used: Texture-Crete, Thin-Film

Balboa Park is a historical gem here in San Diego. To be a part of any phase of its restoration is truly an honor. We were put in contact with the Museum of Art’s Building Engineer to assess old coatings in and around the reflecting pool that sits between Panama 66 and the Sculpture Garden, which needed an epoxy coating to hold up to the conditions.

The Challenge

The Wimmer Pool coating needed some attention and the museum wanted it looking its best once more. Our team came up with a plan to address all the issues they were having and got to work. After a mechanical prep and vacuum cleaning all holes and cracks were patched with an epoxy gel followed by a 100% epoxy primer. A urethane topcoat finished off the system.

epoxy coating

The walking bridge was riddled with cracks and holes that needed to be filled in, and they were all cleaned and patched. To reinforce the patches and add strength to the overall system, a layer of fiberlath was installed prior to installing Westcoat’s cementitious overlay. After the slurry coat and smooth texture coat, the bridge was sealed with an acrylic pigmented topcoat.

The Solution

epoxy coating san diego epoxy coating san diego

Although a subtle upgrade, these coatings will prevent further wear and tear on this historical landmark. Do you have a unique concrete restoration project here in San Diego? Contact us and speak with a specialist today or book online below.

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Manchester Grand Hyatt – Concrete Coatings San Diego

concrete coatings

Client: Grand Hyatt
Location:  San Diego, CA
Project: Pool Deck
Systems Used: Concrete Stain

Hotel maintenance is a year-round responsibility, especially here in sunny San Diego! The Manchester Grand Hyatt is a 33-story landmark on our waterfront boasting full spa resort amenities which means the grounds need to look great at all times. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with the hotel management to keep the pool decks looking great year after year.


The Challenge

Between the two towers sits the main pool where visitors can bask in the sun and enjoy the full San Diego skyline. Last year we did work around the main pool deck and spa but this time we were called back to resurface the mandala design, which is the focal point of the area.

At 2,700 square feet, the circular design was first mocked up as a small-scale sample where we could easily display the outcome to the hotel decision-makers.

The crew had a tight schedule of 10 days which included clean up at the end of each day. Since the pool needed to remain open our crews worked hard to keep grinding and dust to a minimum and leave no mess behind each and every day.

The Solution

The area was first prepped by (dustless) grinding before we applied primer to ensure proper adhesion of the coating system.

Three slurry coats were applied in the preparation of the integrally colored red and off-white cement overlay was laid down. Copper and sierra water-based stains were sprayed on according to the design chosen by the hotel. Finally, it was sealed in with a water-based polyurethane sealer.

Each color phase required the opposite areas needing to be carefully taped and masked to prevent color in the wrong areas.

The hotel was happy with the outcome once again and we are looking to working with them on more coating projects in the future.