Pool Deck Resurfacing for Multi-Family Property

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Project: Pool Deck at the Countryside Apartments in Poway

Original Surface: Concrete
Approx. Size: 3500 sf
Existing Coating: Knock Down
System Installed: Texture-Crete Standard Finish
Pattern: Random
Texture: Knock Down
Top/Coat Sealer: SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat in Deep Tan

Muti-family pool decks can take a beating, the pool chemicals and the high traffic can make concrete wear. Multi-layered cementitious overlay systems not only refresh the space but create a durable walking surface.

Prepare the Surface: Before we begin this process, we cover pool with plastic so as not to get any construction debris in the water. Our team removes the existing coating, and power washes the newly exposed concrete. Then, we “open cracks” via hand grinder which allows for us to incorporate the existing cracks into a faux, stone like pattern. We install 12 sets of no diving and numbered depth marker to enforce safety around the pool.                                              

The Installation Process: After the concrete is prepped, we apply EC-12 Epoxy Primer and broadcast sand for maximum adhesion within the system. The texture process is a few layers and we start by troweling a slurry coating followed by the knockdown finish texture coat. Primer is then rolled on in preparation for the final topcoat.

Finished Look: The final appearance comes together when we apply SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat in Deep Tan. We broadcast Safe Grip additive into the pigmented acrylic topcoat and remove and replace the joint sealant throughout.

About Concrete Resurfacing with Texture-Crete

Applied directly over existing concrete, a decorative overlay allows you to transform an area without ripping out the old surface. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns and textures that will perfectly suit your home and needs.

Perfect for pool deck resurfacing, Texture-Crete is a series of polymer modified cementitious coatings designed to resurface concrete. Transform plain concrete into a durable smooth or textured finish. Easily simulate tile, flagstone, slate, and more with a wide variety of protective Westcoat finishes in gloss, satin or a natural look. 

Interested in a getting a quote?

After a complimentary job walk, we provide you with a scope of work and estimate. Together we develop a plan for your specific needs. Color, texture and pattern are all discussed with your project manager.

Call today to schedule an appointment for your home 619-262-8600 or info@lifedeck.com.

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