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Life Deck Coating Installations Announces ESOP Plans

Now Employee Owned

San Diego-based company, Life Deck Coating Installations, has announced its transition to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). This means employees will now have a stake in the company.

In 1981. the company started out as part of a small, two-man contracting operation known as Pacific Pebbles. Paul Koury, the former owner, had a both bright mentor and senior partner in Don Cramer. Cramer believed in Koury’s dream and also shared the enthusiasm for concrete restoration.

The company then grew to become Life Deck Coating Installations. Life Deck became a leader in the waterproofing and concrete coatings’ industry. By the early 90s, Koury began innovating a variety of solutions for concrete restoration and waterproofing balcony decks. These innovations evolved into both the development and manufacturing of products. In 2007, Life Deck rebranded the manufacturing side of the business as Westcoat and expanded distribution across the nation. This was taking place as Life Deck Coating Installations continued to grow under a new generation of leadership.

Holiday Inn Bayside

Project Description

Hotel maintenance is a year-round responsibility, especially here in sunny San Diego! The Holiday Inn Bayside is within a 5-minute drive of Shelter Island and Marine Corps Recruit Depot. The hotel’s bar patio and pool deck are over 6,000 square feet and it was pivotal to get them up to date.

The Challenge

The old coating had met its life expectancy and was beginning to delaminate from the concrete substrate. It was also old and weathered and needed to be aesthetically upgraded.

Due to having over 6,000 square feet of concrete to resurface it was a timely job to complete.

The Solution

The old coating was completely removed down to a bare concrete substrate. Westcoat’s EC-12 100% solids epoxy primer was applied with a sand broadcast to refusal for maximum adhesion. Multiple slurry coats of Westcoat’s TC-1 cement were applied followed by the application of Westcoat’s TC-3 cement in a knockdown texture.

To finish the look, two coats of Westcoat’s SC-10 in Rocky Nook and one coat of Westcoat’s SC-42 clear sealer were applied. The final touch was applying joint sealant to all expansion joints.

Mount Helix House Rotates Out New Balcony Decks

Project Description

The famous Rotating House in Mount Helix has a balcony with a view unlike any other. The client requested a fresh look on all the balcony decks, which equated to over 1200 square feet.  

We originally waterproofed this back in January 2004 and have regularly maintained the surface since.  

System Description

The balcony decks were waterproofed with Westcoat’s ALX system. The exterior concrete was resurfaced with Westcoat’s Texture-Crete Custom system. The skip trowel technique was then used while applying the concrete. A flagstone pattern was used and Westcoat’s SC-65 topcoat in Sepia finished the job. The client loved the natural finish our crew was able to achieve.

Contact our offices to set up an appointment for a job walk and receive a free deck inspection. 

How to Maintain Your Waterproof Deck Coating

You have taken the first step to protecting your deck by having a waterproof system applied. This is a great start, yet, this is not one of those “set it and forget it” situations. While deck coatings are strong and designed to weather the worst conditions (pun intended), there are still a few steps you can take to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

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