Metallic Epoxy Floor at The Holding Company in San Diego, CA.

The Holding Company is a 3-story Asian-Inspired Restaurant, Bar and Live Music Venue located in Ocean Beach San Diego, CA just steps away from the beach on Newport Ave.

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Durable floor with Unique Design

Life Deck was contacted about the floors in the venue needing to be redone. After doing a walk thru and understanding the esthetic of the business, we choose to install a metallic epoxy by Westcoat known as Liquid Dazzle.

Liquid Dazzle can be combined with several colors to make a one of a kind design for your space while offering durability in high-traffic areas. It can be sealed with a high-gloss or satin finish.

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Holiday Inn Express – Concrete Coatings in San Diego



Project Description

Client: Holiday Inn Express, Concrete Coatings in San Diego

Location:  San Diego, CA

Project: Entry of Hotel

Systems Used: 12-95

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites located in San Ysidro received a major overhaul inside and out, including the entry which needed a new concrete coatings in San Diego. The Orange County-based company, Hotel Rehabs, gave us a call to come out and look at the concrete entry. The Porte cochére needed to be revitalized to go with the new look of the building.

Project Manager Gil Koury headed down to the Bordertown to make the assessment. He could see that the area was indeed worn and could use some help to finish off the hotel’s new look. Hotel Rehabs was doing a full renovation of this hotel and Gil’s crew had to work around different trades over the course of two weeks to get everything done.

Concrete Coatings in San Diego

For the driveway portion of the porte cochére, the existing surface was stamped concrete so Gil knew that it would take a tough coating to withstand the vehicular traffic. After properly prepping the concrete the best combination of coatings for an area like this is an epoxy primer followed by a polyurethane topcoat. We used Westcoat’s EC-12 Epoxy Primer and EC-95 Polyurethane Topcoat – the best solution for worn stamped concrete.

Despite the long daily drive to the border and tight deadlines this job went really smooth and turned out great. The hotel staff had nothing but good things to say about the end result and the contractor, Hotel Rehabs, was pleased with our work.


grind and seal

Solti – Concrete Coatings in San Diego

Concrete Coatings in San Diego


Project Description

Client: Solti, Concrete Coatings in San Diego

Location:  Miramar, CA

Project: Grind and Seal

Systems Used: 10,000 sq. ft – Grind and Seal with Urethane Cement

The new owners of Solti, a Miramar beverage company, we’re familiar with Life Deck’s quality of work so when their team was renovating their state-of-the-art facility, they called up Life Deck GM, Brian Oberman. Solti was looking to install protective concrete coatings in San Diego (10,000 square foot space). The building consisted of a tasting room, offices, and the plant where the organic fresh-pressed juices are made.

The tasting room is where the customers can come in to purchase and enjoy fresh-pressed juice and snacks. The existing concrete was in decent condition so a simple Grind and Seal process was chosen. After prepping the concrete, the Life Deck crew applied a filler coat of epoxy followed by a polyurethane topcoat. The same treatment was installed in the offices where staff now have their cubicles set up.

The Concrete Coatings in San Diego

The warehouse areas, where the juice is processed, were prepped and a urethane cement system was installed. This system is the ultimate in protective coatings due to its heat, steam, and chemical resistance. Urethane cement is also FDA compliant, which is perfect for food and beverage processing plants such as Solti.

All areas have a smooth and seamless cove finish which aids in keeping a clean space as there are no hard corners for food to build up.


Concrete Coatings San Diego

SDSU East Commons – Concrete Coatings



Concrete Coatings San Diego


Project Description

Client: San Diego State
Location:  San Diego, CA
Project: East Commons – Concrete Coatings
Systems Used: Texture-Crete Interior

SDSU East Commons is committed to providing the campus community with menu options that are responsible and sustainable. The commitment is both in accordance with the SDSU Strategic Plan and Aztec Shops’ mission to be responsive to the needs of the campus community.

The East Commons Dining utilizes over 35 raised beds in the College Area Community Garden and Hello Walkway Garden to grow and harvest a variety of produce. Some ingredients you will find on the menu include chard, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, pole beans, squash, radishes, and herbs. Additionally, forty aeroponic towers were installed at The Garden at Cuicacalli patio that produces over 1,760 heads of leafy greens every three weeks.

The Dining Challenge

The floor at East Commons needed an uplift and SDSU wanted to find an applicator who could meet their requirements, which included a short installation period of 30-days or less, and to be able to work with an irregular schedule as they would need to stay open during the installation. Life Deck was brought on to assess the floor and to see if the job could be done within SDSU stipulations.

The Solution for SDSU East Commons

Life Deck Project Manager, Scott Tischler, worked closely with the facility personnel to earn their business. He evaluated the floor and came to the conclusion that a Grind and Seal would not be the best option as the under-flooring was not in the best shape. Scott recommended Westcoat’s TC Interior system with different finish options, which is a great concrete coatings option. After a sample was made and approved our crews got to work immediately after the VCT flooring was removed.

During the rehabilitation of the floor, Life Deck worked with the SDSU crew to accommodate them being open. The crew would run two shifts per day to meet the 30-day deadline. To protect the food court areas, they hung heavy-duty plastic, which Life Deck hung every night and then removed each morning before the East Commons opened.

San Diego State University was pleased with the end results and Life Deck’s stellar customer service and job performance. If you have a similar project, please contact our staff at (800) 541-3310 to do a job walk and receive a free quote.



Concrete Coatings San Diego